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Colourful Pile of Old Books

We're moving!

Our new location will be:

772 Route 50, Suite 5

Burnt Hills, NY 12027

Opening April 2024

Grand opening to be announced soon

Image by Paige Cody

About us

The Book Nook is a small, independent secondhand bookstore. We are a general interest bookstore and have something for most readers. The store opened in March 2023 with the idea that people should have a place to relax and enjoy browsing the books on the shelves.


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Book "Buying" Policy

  • Condition
    The condition of the books is important. We are always trying to improve the condition of our stock. It's the first thing we check on every book we accept. If we pass on your books due to their condition, it's nothing personal. At some point every book becomes too worn for us to display and sell.
  • What We Accept
    Used books ! Currently we are at capacity. We are only accepting recently published books. Almost any category is fine. Classic literature, science fiction, history, romance, self-help, children's books, westerns, business, mysteries, cookbooks and historical fiction are just a few of our sections. There are dozens more! If we have a section for it in our store, we probably want more of it. What we need changes daily depending on current inventory. We try to take as many books as possible, though our goal is to take books that will sell. Please do not take it personally if we do not accept all of your books. Please limit the quantity of your books to bring in. The space here is limited and we can only accept a bag at a time. Thank you for understanding.
  • What We Don't Accept
    The list of items we don't accept is much shorter. We'll gladly look at anything you bring, but here are some items we're likely to pass on: Extremely Old Books Encyclopedias Reader's Digest Condensed Books Ex-Library Books Harlequin Romances Audio Cassettes Pocket paperbacks
  • When Do We Accept Books?
    Please call to make an appointment to review your books. We can usually check your books in just a few minutes, while you wait. If we're backlogged with other collections, we'll let you know.
  • What Does the Book Buyer Do?
    The book buyer will examine each of your books and separate them into two stacks, those we need and those we don't. She will calculate the value of the books we need and we will make you an offer for trade credit. We do not pay cash for books.
  • What is Trade Credit?
    When you accept a trade offer on your books, you will receive store credit. Store credit can be used towards any book in the store. You can use half of the purchase price in credit. The other half will be paid in cash or card. The remaining balance of your credit will remain on file. You can trade fiction for nonfiction, westerns for romances, dog books for cookbooks. Anything you like. There are no restrictions on the books you can get with store credit. Store Credit has no cash value and it never expires.
  • What About the Books You Don't Want?
    Unfortunately, we can't accept every book we see. We are very selective. As space on our shelves becomes limited, we are becoming even more selective. Condition and subject matter are the most common reasons for us to reject a book. Our current stock situation is also important, as we try to avoid excessive duplication on our shelves. For those books not accepted, we ask that you bring them home with you.
  • Donations
    We will gladly accept donations if you are not interested in store credit. This often helps us to keep our prices low. Please see above for what we accept. We will not have to sort the donations. Please adhere to the what we accept section when bringing donations.
Book Buying Policy
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772 Route 50, Suite 5

Burnt Hills, NY 12027

Opening April 2024


Thank you!

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